The Most Common Muay Thai Mistakes

The Most Common Muay Thai Mistakes

Muay Thai is one of the best sports to learn for both self-defense and fitness. But, like with anything else, there can be a learning curve. Here are some common mistakes people make while learning Muay Thai.

Sparring To Win Instead Of Learn

The goal of a spar is not to win. The point of practicing against your partner isn't to come out on top but to sharpen both of your abilities. Make sure your sparring practice goes well by talking to your partner beforehand and letting them know what you want to work on.

Getting Cheap or Incomplete Training Gear

Your training gear will become your closest companion throughout your time spent learning Muay Thai. You shouldn't try to save money on training unless you're just going to do it once or twice. They don't have to be too pricey, but they should be of good quality nevertheless. Low-cost workout clothes and accessories seldom last long and might cause more damage than good.

You should also go the extra mile to ensure you have all the gear you need. Sparring in incomplete gear can be dangerous for you and your sparring partner.

Practice Proper Breathing Technique

During sparring, many novices fail to breathe correctly. Though understandably, things might heat up, mainly if you're not accustomed to sparring, it's best if everyone could attempt to stay relaxed. The more at ease you are, the more freely you can move about when sparring with your partner—because of this, exchanging strikes with your partner or predicting their next move is much simpler (if you can).

Don’t Rush The Process

A common mistake among beginners is trying to make some of the more complicated Muay Thai moves before they’re experienced enough to do them properly. This can lead to injuries, so it’s best to wait and practice consistently.
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