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Mongkol Muay Thai donates 1% of all our sales to children in Thailand. To offer a better education to the poor. less privileged.

Posted by Phakapan Salao on

MONGKOL Muay Thai HAD STARTED OUR PROJECT TO HEPING & DONATED SOME MONEY TO HELP THEM ON NOVEMBER 2016. School, home, rattan can bomb like the school building. 1′ Size 2, floor 8 East (after class). THE TOTAL NUMBER OF 1, and offer claims budget allocation from official to build their new class of 1 after while wait for allocation of the new building. There is no certainty, which is the problem child, no school, class of 6, so get help in the woods to organize fabric dollar education building construction class of pre-school. Number 1 after the 2 class and create a classroom. 4 Genius. So classroom get support from everyone.

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