Behind the Brand

Mongkol Muay Thai Corporation 

Your Mongkol Muay Thai gear are true to our Muay Thai DNA and Muay Thai tradition. Mongkol Muay Thai gloves, shorts and guards are hand made in Thailand. Just like Italy and France have the best reputation for fashion, the best Muay Thai kick boxing gloves and Muay Thai equipment come from Thailand.

Phakapan Salao

I was born in Thailand and my brother was a Muay Thai boxer. As a little girl I watched him train for many hours, kicking banana trees in our back yard. I became extremely interested in Muay Thai later in life, traveling back to Thailand and training with famous champions of Muay Thai, such as Samart Phayakaroon, Buakaw, Sanchai and KruToy Sityodthong.

Phakapan Salao

When I returned to the U.S. I learned it’s hard to find authentic, quality, comfortable Muay Thai gloves, shorts, and kickboxing equipment. For these reasons, I started to design products of my own. That is how Mongkol Muay Thai was born.

Every part of your Muay Thai products evolved from your and my passion and love for the sport. The proper equipment can make your training fun and help you realize the true joy of the sport. Our goal is to spoil you and provide products that will help you enjoy your training, enhance your performance and grow your passion for Muay Thai.

Phakapan Salao

We love feedback from the Muay Thai community, so if you have ideas, product input please connect with us here at


Much love,
Phakapan Salao (Designer) M.B.A
Founder & CEO
Mongkol Muay Thai Corporation