Muay Thai Tips From The Pros

Muay Thai Tips From The Pros

As martial artists, we are always pushing ourselves to improve. Whether your goal in practicing Muay Thai is self-defense or fitness, the common thread is a desire to improve. One of the things we aspire to accomplish on this martial arts adventure is improved performance in the ring, but even if we simply make it through five rounds of pad work without passing out completely, that would be a huge accomplishment.

If you want to be the best in Muay Thai, you need to know these three things.

Keep Going

The most important advice we can give is a bit cliché, but effective: Don’t give up. There are days when you show up at the gym feeling sluggish, and go through the motions at training. You go easy on the heavy bag when no one is looking, and you don’t use power when it’s your turn on the pads. Sometimes, showing up just isn’t enough. It’s about giving your best each and every time. Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.

Learn The Basic

Gaining mastery of the fundamentals is key to success in Muay Thai. Singdam is a fantastic role model, since he won several world championships by working hard and concentrating on the fundamentals. Those interested in Muay Thai sometimes rush into things, swayed by the allure of flashy combinations and acrobatic feats. Don't let your mind wander while you're training; instead, give your whole attention to learning and mastering your forms or practicing a few combos repeatedly.

Eat Properly

There is no way to compensate for a poor diet by exercising more. You can't train hard without the fuel that comes from a healthy diet, and you can't recover quickly enough without the minerals and protein that are part of it. No matter how much time you devote to the gym, your results will not improve if you continue to fuel your body with unhealthy foods. You will have success if you can regulate your eating.

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