Mongkol Presents a Euphoria Fight Production

Mongkol Presents a Euphoria Fight Production

Muay Thai is a full-contact combat sport with its roots in Thailand that is known for being incredibly intense and exciting. Yet it's even more exciting when you consider the last competition that Mongkol Muay Thai was the proud sponsor of, which took place in Mexico on Sunday, 15 October 2022.

Mongkol Muay Thai & Euphoria Fight Production Host A Muay Thai Fight In Mexico

Sunday, 15 October 2022, the stage was set for a clash between Muay Thai titans in Monterrey, Mexico. The exciting fight card featured Fernando Garza from Monterrey and Miguel Ángel Robles from Guadalajara. 

"Limon" Garza, kitted in Mongkol apparel, did not hold back as he delivered several right-hand blows to Robles, walking away crowned with the World Boxing Council belt by judges' decision. At the tender age of 23, the young fighter was crowned at the Showcenter in San Pedro by dominating all five rounds of the epic showdown. 

Garza, to the press, stated: 

"I feel happy; the truth is that we have been looking for that since before. We defend what is ours. Here is the belt; whoever wants to win it is here, and I am on it."

The Finest Muay Thai Fighters Were In Mexico Wearing Mongkol

Besides the main title card fight between Garza and Robles, there were also several other epic clashes featuring Muay Thai practitioners donning Mongkol gear. The event, hosted by Euphoria Fight Production, also featured a fight for the WBC Under 18 belt between Uriel Serrano and Donovan Delgado. The fight, which ended in a draw by the judge's decision, initially saw Delgado hold the advantage before letting it go to Serrano. 

On his side, Uriel stated that being the visitor fighter did not affect him at all: 

"No, that part of being a visitor or a local does not affect me at all mentally or physically; I come to work in my job, I do not come to see if my opponent is a local or a visitor – it does not matter."

Among the most extraordinary clashes between the Mongkol Muay Thai fighters was the dual between Vero "La Peligrosa" Rodríguez and Ingrid Batiz García, who, in the closing round of the fight, won by connecting with a devastating elbow to Rodríguez'Rodríguez' jaw. 

Another match that saw a belt title at stake was the fight between Aldo Cruz and Anuar Cisneros, which saw Cisneros tearfully claim the victory in a very close match.


All in all, Euphoria Fight Production and Mongkol Muay Thai hosted an unforgettable event in Mexico for all lovers of mixed martial arts. If you're a Muay Thai practitioner of any level, be sure to check out our website for authentic Mongkol Muay Thai gear at great prices!