Choosing the perfect shorts for Muay Thai

Choosing the perfect shorts for Muay Thai

If you're going to train in Muay Thai, you need to wear the proper shorts.

While many combat sports may appear identical, there are many variables that need slightly different garment designs — for example, flexibility, grappling, or just cultural heritage.

Given that Muay Thai is a sport that switches rapidly between striking and grappling (in the form of clinching and catching kicks, for example), having any loose clothing increases the likelihood of getting caught on clothing or of competitors using clothing to gain an advantage in a fight with other competitors. As a result, heavy clothing like Gis and baggy trousers are inappropriate, and the natural choice is to dress in more straightforward clothing such as shorts.

Here’s what you should look for when selecting Muay Thai shorts!

What You Need To Look Out For When Getting Muay Thai Shorts

Choose Muay Thai Shorts With The Right Cut 

Muay Thai is a kickboxing style that uses a variety of kicking techniques. Body kicks and leg-chopping low kicks are among them, as are head-smashing high kicks and gravity-defying jumping kicks. The best Muay Thai shorts are cut to give you maximum flexibility of movement and enough legroom.

For striking training, some combat sports practitioners use knee-length MMA shorts. MMA shorts are often less breathable and comfortable, despite being built for mobility and accommodating a wide range of movement. For Muay Thai training shorts made specifically for Muay Thai are the best option.

H3: What Material Do You Want Your Shorts To Be Made From?

Nylon, satin, polyester-blend, and cotton are the four primary materials used in Muay Thai shorts. Satin is a classic fabric, and many Muay Thai practitioners still like it because of its silky texture and shiny finish.

Nylon is another traditional Muay Thai fabric. It's the lightest of the Muay Thai shorts fabrics, and it breathes better than satin. Compared to satin shorts, nylon shorts are also less expensive. Nylon shorts, on the other hand, are prone to tearing and absorb moisture quickly, making them see-through during workouts.

Cotton Muay Thai shorts are a modern thing, although they're still quite rare. Cotton fabric is comfortable for loungewear, but it isn't great for training because it absorbs perspiration and isn't as light as other fabrics. Cotton has the advantage of being easy to print on, which allows for more design options.

For its many advantages, many Muay Thai designers are now switching to the quick-dry polyester-blend fabric. With sweat-wicking breathability, texture, and lightweight comfort, the polyester-blend fabric gives the best of both worlds. The polyester-blend fabric enables more bright and unique print designs thanks to dye-sublimation printing.

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