Mongkol Boxing lace up White #18 Series

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Mongkol boxing gloves- Black, Lace up #18 Series 1

Improved leather thinker !Our Mongkol Muay Thai Boxing Gloves are high-quality-made with premium cow leather while using high-density rubble foam inside the gloves, using a high density of rubble foam.   Mongkol Muay Thai's lace-up boxing gloves help provide more support on the wrists. It is also good for sparring, bag training, and pad work. 

(Also available in other colors: Black with White Trim, and or Red with White Trim).

Mongkol Muay Thai is luxury-made quality and has been proven to be long-lasting. Our products are made by fighters, for fighters. These won't wear out on you, and also have been tested in the craziest of climates. Mongkol Muay Thai Boxing Gloves are Thailand-approved. 

Made in Thailand.