Mongkol Boxing gloves WBC Gray Blue Thumb #18 last 2 pairs

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Last 2 pairs Get it now before gone. You must have in your collections  Mongkol Muay Thai Gloves WBC, This is an unique Muay Thai/Boxing Gloves, special edition WBC Muay Thai.

Our products using premium soft leathers, foam padded protections, and traditional Velcro/lace-up wrist enclosures.  Our gloves have cushion padding on the end for full support. Specialized designed for protection and delivery results.

These WBC MONGKOL gloves are the exact size and measurement used for fights in Thailand and across the world. Premium grade professional gloves to be used for practice for the big leagues, in the big leagues, or put in a showcase because of the limited amount of them. Highly collectable and coveted item.