Mongkol Shinguards #8

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The new and improved Mongkol #8 shin guards, handcrafted in Thailand, inside additional foam rubber padding over the shin and instep. You will never feel your shins clacking and will have the best protection while kicking and checking. The straps on the feet are made of the highest quality and don't stretch out like the shin guards you have tried from other brands. We take pride in not going cheap and using the highest quality materials for fighters to get the most out of our equipment. The straps on your legs won't stretch out over time and fit snugly like new every time you put them on. The quick dry sweat technology we use makes sure your equipment stays dry and doesn't stink over time. MONGKOL shin guards have a unique design that fits perfectly over the leg and covers all the areas which need protection. They aren't huge and bulky like other brands. They are also lightweight for extra speed and power. MONGKOL is the highest quality in the market of kickboxing, MMA, and fight gear for all to enjoy. Why not use professional-grade gear always..... Exactly my point.