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Mongkol Muay Thai is from Thailand

"My takeaway from these pads are they are made extremely well. They are made with great materials and will last a long time. From training to get in shape to pro fighter these pads will work great. Great equipment goes a long way while training. So I would suggest these pads and believe they would be a great investment!"

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I received a pair of traditional style Muay Thai shorts from Mongkol Muay Thai. Mongkol Muay Thai Shorts Review! I got the shorts about a month ago and have been wearing them regularly in training. Traditional Muay Thai shorts are flashy and shiny and have large embroidery on them. These shorts are just that with a little modern flair. They have incorporated a Sublimated graphics on the main material of the shorts. This give the shorts a nice added style, super lightweight and very breathable. So what is my opinion on these shorts? I would have to say that they...

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Premium Materials Connected Thumb High Density Foam Vivid Graphics Heavy Duty Velcro Wrist Support Multiple Sizes Made in Thailand This is my review of Mongol Muay Thai 10oz. Fancy CM gloves. I had reached out to a few companies to see if they were interested in having me do a review on some products. I was contacted by email by the owner of Mongkol Muay Thai and asked if we could have a chat on the phone and see how this could benefit both of us. This was the first time a company had asked to call and I was...

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