This Is What You Should Wear To A Muay Thai Fight

This Is What You Should Wear To A Muay Thai Fight

Choosing the right clothes is crucial for every situation, and Muay Thai is no different.  There is no set uniform Muay Thai so outfits will vary depending on your gym. This means that many people are confused about what Muay Thai gear they should wear at first, but don’t worry. We have your back.

Here’s your guide to Muay Thai gear!                   



Shorts are mandated for most Muay Thai competitions. Muay Thai shorts generally have wide legs while being fitted to your waist. These shorts allow effortless movement, ideal for a kickboxing sport like  Muay Thai. There are many options out there, so feel free to experiment to find your perfect shorts. 

Ankle Supports


If you watch Muay Thai competitions, you’ll notice that many professional athletes wear ankle guards. This is because they provide extra support for your ankle joints, which can help to prevent injury. While you’re training, you’ll repeatedly be kicking a lot of hard surfaces. Ankle guards aid with the strain. They’re also great for keeping your feet warm.


Knee Guards


Knee guards serve the same purpose as ankle guards, but they protect your knees. They aren’t as popular as ankle guards, but if you’re someone with knee problems.

Boxing Gloves


Boxing gloves are a necessary piece of Muay Thai gear. Your gym will most likely have gloves available, but if you’re committing to Muay Thai training, you’ll need to buy yourself a personal pair. That’s because the pair found at your gym will most likely be worn down from the number of persons who use them. 

A T-Shirt

Men often train shirtless for Muay Thai, while women wear sports bras or tees. That doesn’t mean that you can’t wear a T-shirt. Muay Thai T-shirts should be made from a comfortable, quick-drying fabric. They also should not obstruct your movement.

Rash Guard

Rash Guards are rising in popularity in MMA circles, and for a good reason. They offer extra support, minimize injuries, and keep you dry while you’re training. They also look really, really cool.

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