The best Boxing Gloves for 2022

The best Boxing Gloves for 2022

If you have ever accidentally hit your fingers or knuckles against an object, then you know the pain and injury it could cause. Imagine hitting someone in the face with full power without any protection. 

Just the thought alone can send you wincing. This is why a pair of good boxing gloves are absolutely essential if boxing or Muay Thai is about to become a part of your life.  

Why do you need a good pair of boxing gloves?  

The bones that are in our hands are very small and delicate, as they allow for precise movement and function of our fingers. Inexperienced boxers have a tendency to get injuries in their hands and knuckles known as a “boxer’s fracture.” A boxer’s fracture is the term given to a break in the neck of the 5th metacarpal bone in the hand.  

This is why protection is paramount when considering a pair of boxing gloves. However, every boxing glove is different, and their characteristics vary depending on the purpose. So, what exactly should you be looking for with a good pair?  

Qualities of a good boxing glove 

There are some basic qualities that every good pair of boxing gloves should have, regardless of the purpose. 

  1. Durability - You will need a pair of gloves that is able to withstand the wear and tears that come along with boxing. The outer material is typically made with leather - faux or real. Real leather is far more durable, and is able to maintain its form even with repeated high impact. The stitching of the gloves will also contribute to the overall durability, so strong stitching is needed to ensure they don’t fall apart during use. 
  1. Comfort and fit - The fact is you’re going to be in these gloves for at least an hour every few days, so you don’t want to be distracted by discomfort. The interior of the gloves should be comfortable against your skin without causing unnecessary friction. The fit of your gloves is not just important for comfort, but also for safety. Boxing gloves should fit snug onto your hands, and provide adequate wrist protection and stability. However, they should not be too tight, as it can restrict blood flow and cause discomfort and possible injury. 
  1. Sufficient padding and quality build - The padding of your gloves is possibly the most important characteristic you should look for in boxing gloves. The padding is what will cushion the blows, and hence high density rubble foam padding is what is recommended.  
  1. Pre-curved design and style - A pre-curved shape enables the gloves to fit over the hands and remain in a fixed position during punches.  

There’s also no reason you shouldn’t add style to your list as well. No, this isn’t absolutely necessary, but it certainly doesn’t hurt if your gloves have great colors and a professional, stylish design to them.  

How to pick the right boxing gloves?  

Everyone wants the “best” boxing gloves, but this can really be a broad description. First, you have to know the main purpose of the gloves. Will you be using it for exercise only? Are you sparring and training for professional Muay Thai matches? Will you be using a punching bag?  

These factors will affect the type of gloves you ultimately purchase.  

Training gloves that are designed for exercise, bag work and light sparring are typically lighter than professional gloves but will still give you adequate protection. 

Professional gloves are usually built with heavy-duty fighting in mind. They also comply with specific size and weight requirements to protect the fighter.  

Mongkol boxing gloves hit all the right notes when it comes to what makes a good set of gloves. Check out our catalog to see our variety of color, style and design.  

Whether you are a newbie, professional or a seasoned veteran, having the right pair of boxing gloves on your hands is necessary for success.