Are shin guards necessary for Muay Thai?

Are shin guards necessary for Muay Thai?

If you are planning to begin Muay Thai training, it is critical that you obtain the appropriate equipment to ensure your safety and performance. Shin guards are used by fighters and trainers to protect their legs from injury when training.  Shin guards are used in numerous full-contact sports to protect the shin bones and minimize the impact when kicks land against the body.

However, Muay Thai shin guards are not the same as shin guards that are used in other sports such as soccer or hockey. This is due to the fact that heavy striking martial arts that emphasize kicks need additional shin protection. Kickboxing and Muay Thai shin guards are designed to provide that protection to the fighters.

Shin guards are designed to protect the wearer as well as their sparring partner. They deflect incoming blows and soften attacks, allowing you to work out for longer periods of time and harder than you otherwise would without them. Muay Thai shin guards are often strapped and made of either leather or synthetic leather, depending on the style. Some shin guards also cover the instep and top of the foot, which might help to protect your foot and ankle when you're kicking.

Here’s what you need to know about choosing the right Muay Thai shin guards.

What You Need To Look Out For When Getting Muay Thai Shin Guards 

How Much Protection Do You Need? 

Muay Thai shin guards are designed to be more durable than those used in other sports in order to provide additional protection. As an example, thicker foam cushioning is used to provide better impact absorption. This is why it is vital to use the right equipment and to refrain from using shin guards from other sports as shin guards for Muay Thai.

Cotton shin guards provide less protection due to their thinner foam padding. For the same reason, MMA shin guards are not great for Muay Thai sparring because they are designed for movement due to grappling and therefore give less protection.

What Are The Shin Guards Made From?

High-quality shin guards are frequently constructed of actual leather rather than synthetic leather, which provides greater durability and tear resistance. On the other hand, innovative combat gear manufacturers have developed microfiber leather as a more economical alternative to traditional leather that does not sacrifice quality for cost savings or convenience. A variety of cotton shin guards are also available, however, these should only be used for amateur events and should not be used for regular sparring.

Do They Fit You Properly?

To perform your best during training and sparring, shin guards that fit properly are essential. Shin guards must be sturdy and secure during intense action,  so they don’t interfere with your sparring. The appropriate sizing is one of the variables in getting the right fit.  You should do that by trying them on at a store or at your gym. Alternatively, read the sizing advice offered by internet retailers or search for online reviews.

What Kind Of Design Do You Want?

The last thing to consider is your shin guards design. There are numerous fight gear brands and shin guard designs to choose from. Choosing shin guards with a design and style is a great way to make yourself stand out.  If you aren't interested in flashy designs, there are also plain options to choose from. 

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