A Beginner's Guide To Muay Thai Fighting Styles

A Beginner's Guide To Muay Thai Fighting Styles

What’s your Muay Thai fighting style? 

If you’re a complete beginner, you might be confused by this question, and if you’re just starting out, your answer might be, “I’m figuring it out..” Muay Thai has an extensive array of fighting styles for you to choose from, and we’ll be going over four of the most popular ones, but first, let’s talk about the fighting modes and the fighting ranges. 


The Four Fighting Modes


Aggressive-style fighters overwhelm their opponent with their physical strength. These fighters have high endurance levels and win fights by overwhelming their opponents.  


Fighters with this style win by analyzing and adapting to their opponent's habits.


These fighters embody floats like a butterfly. They’re tough to hit due to being highly evasive. They use these skills to wear down their opponent.


Speaking of wearing down their opponent, no one does it quite like fighters who use the tricky style. They bait,  taunt and fake their opponents. This frustrates their opponents and breaks their concentration. 

A good Muay Thai fighter is well-rounded. That means that while you might have a favorite fighting mode, you should learn to utilize all of them. 

Muay Thai Ranges

Long-Range  - using techniques like long kicks, teeps, and jumping.

Medium Range - using techniques like long punches, long knees, and low kicks

Close Range -  using techniques like Elbows, knees, hooks, and uppercut punches 

Clinch Range - Using techniques like gripping your opponent, upright wrestling, and striking. 

Traditional Muay Thai Fighting Styles

Muay Mud

Also called the puncher, fighters with this style typically utilize low kicks, punches, and other medium to close-range attacks. They fight aggressively 

Muay Bouk

These are aggressive fighters who utilize several ranges and fighting modes.

Muay Sok

Did you know that in Muay Thai, elbows are regarded as the blades? They fight using the aggressive style in close to clinch range.

Muay Khao 

These are aggressive knee fighters who fight at medium to clinch range. 

Muay Plam

Muay Plam fighters are aggressive fighters who fight at the clinch range.

Muay Fimeu

These are the technicians. They’re medium- long-range fighters who use elusive, counter, and tricky modes. They are known for their adaptability and fluidity. 

Muay Tae

Kicking is an integral part of Muay Thai Muay Tae fighters utilize that well. They are aggressive fighters who fight using kicks at any range.

The most important thing as a Muay Thai fighter is having a deep understanding of the sport. You’ll inevitably find a style, range, and mode that’s your favorite, but you should still be able to adapt. Plus, having a deep understanding of the sport means that you’re dating and understanding your opponent.

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