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Mongkol Muay Thai Shorts Focus, limited-edition Black color side red color Lining with gold color make it pop retro style, good quality material satin, designed & cut great fit with excellent range of range motion.  Mongkol on the back side we are original designed.

The great thing that seperates MONGKOL from the rest is the new technology we use on the traditional style. These shorts specifically have the fighters body in interest. No bunch or uncomfortable waistband that moves around or irritates the torso. We personally make the waistbands smaller than the rest yet still keeping it traditional and able to roll for your style and comfort. Patented and beautiful cut up along the thigh for maximum stretch and mobility. The difference from us and the rest of the other Muay Thai brands is that we keep the fighters mind and body in interest. We onlu use the highest quality materials that never stretch and last the ages of time. We take a westerners approach on sizing. So you get the sizes you request instead of being too big or too small. We have all had that problem in the past ordering shorts or even gear that is too big or too small. We like a good fit around your thighs so its not too small or to baggy. Go MONGKOL once and you will go MONGKOL for life.

Product Description

Mongkol  Muay thai Shorts are customized and handmade. Collection 18 design.
Uniquely designed for the Boxers comfort, flexibility, and performance.
When a specific design is sold out, may not be stocked again as new designs created. Fight MONGKOL..

Made in Thailand

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