Mongkol Muay Thai Boxing Gloves - White/Pink Palm

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MONGKOL White- pink Mongkol Logo is luxury in the boxing realm. We use the best materials and are all about quality over quantity. These gloves will last the test of time and not fade or soften up over time. Our products use premium soft leathers, foam-padded protection, and traditional Velcro wrist enclosures.  Our gloves have cushion padding on the end for full support. Specialized designed for protection and delivery results. This is luxury in a true boxing glove. This classy design comes in white with pink palms. Mans in Thailand 

Product Description

  • Mongkol gloves are made from two kinds of Materials the high-quality real cow leather inside the gloves, we use high density of rubble foam, for great support. Amazing gloves that last the test of time.
  • Our manufactured uses the best control in leather and all material.


Glove Size Chart

  • Men are recommended to wear sizes 12oz – 16oz
  • Women are recommended sizes 10oz -14oz, this depending on the level of training if the kickboxer is a beginer. Muay Thai Gloves that are not in use should be kept clean and air dry for best results for long lasting Gloves. It is suggested that you regularly clean with a quality leather cleaner for long lasting care of your kickboxing Gloves
  • It is suggested that Kickboxer or trainers should have 2-3 pairs of gloves in order to rotate, like your trainer running shoes. This depends on how often you use and train with your gloves.
  • Muay Thai Gloves need 3-4 weeks to break in the fit and comfort for your hands. The more you train and use the better the leather will feel and more comfortable for your hands.

Enjoy Your training