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Behind the Brand

Muay Thai Vs Kickboxing

Can You Jump Between Arts and Fighting?

Muay Thai is a more ‘complete’ fighting art than Kickboxing. The inclusion of full clinching, elbows, and full knees add more elements to it than pure Kickboxing and as such more possibilities of attack.

Since Muay Thai includes everything (minus a few exotic strikes, and stylstic differences aside) that Kickboxing has, it’s common to see pure Muay Thai fighters cross over and do just fine in Kickboxing matches (Witness Buakaw, for example, and the recent crop of pure Muay Thai Boxers from Thailand fighting in the new K1 Max and Glory promotions). Pure Muay Thai fighters adapt pretty quickly to K1 style rules.

However, if a pure Kickboxer fights under Muay Thai rules against a practiced Nak Muay, they will be at a significant disadvantage. The inclusion of the full clinch game, the elbows, and the knee strikes change the game completely, and the pure Kickboxer will be completely out of his (or her) element.

Traditional headband for traditional Mongkol Kickboxing.

Mongkol means protection, much luck, and holy spirit. The Muay Thai headband has been an important part of the Thai martial arts. It represents respect for the coach or trainer.