Your Guide To Muay Thai Pads

Your Guide To Muay Thai Pads

Thai pads are the specially created Muay Thai gear used to hone a fighter's martial arts skills.Since the 16th century, Thai society has embraced Muay Thai, a traditional martial art also known as Thai boxing or the "art of 8 limbs."

Thai boxing techniques can be caught, held, and studied by coaches thanks to the invention of Thai pads. These pads are available in a broad variety of sizes, forms, densities, materials, features etc, so no matter who you are, there’s a Muay Thai pad for you.

How To Use Muay Thai Pads

It's best to stay still if you're just starting off and aren't quite comfortable holding pads. Moving while holding pads increases your risk of getting hurt because your grasp could be off sometimes. Asking for feedback on your hold from the person whose pads you are holding is a good idea. Keep in mind that practice makes perfect when it comes to Muay Thai. Make safety your first priority at all times and ask your coach to assist you in learning the right way to hold the pads.

if you aren't comfortable holding the pads, then you should avoid being a pad holder until you gain more experience. As your coach to show you the proper holding techniques to block various attacks.

Here’s What To Look For In Your Muay Thai Pad

You should carefully pick your Thai Pads. While there are countless brands for you to choose from, they aren’t all built the same. You should consider their:


Although most Thai pads from various brands have the same shape, their curvature in actuality varies.

There are thinner and thicker pads as well as straight and curved pads. Curved pads are easier to break in than straight pads, which are initially very stiff and unyielding. Curved pads are the most suitable for beginners. They will be considerably simpler to break in and won't interfere with your ability to concentrate while exercising.

If you have experience, you can pick any shape as long as you are comfortable with how it will operate during your workout.


A long-lasting Thai pad is a worthwhile investment. Quality is everything. It’s better to spend a good amount of money on your Thai pads, instead of risking injuries later on.

Thailand-made pads are superior to those produced by any company outside of that nation. Cheap pads can compromise your safety in addition to readily tearing apart.

Keep in mind that you need to prioritize your and your partner’s safety and comfort.

Your talents will inspire you to advance, and your pads will last even if you hold them in your hand for longer than you anticipate.

The size of your Thai pads depend on the brand. Some brands offer several options, while others offer a limited amount. There is no right or wrong size; it just depends on what you choose.

The striking area should be large enough for your partner to attack, therefore when choosing a size, make sure the straps or bands fit your arm perfectly to prevent injury. In addition, the size should be big enough to shield you from further harm and let your spouse feel secure when he strikes the pads.

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