Which Is Easier to Learn, Muay Thai or Boxing?

Which Is Easier to Learn, Muay Thai or Boxing?

Many people seem to believe that martial arts is very difficult and is not suitable for everyone. But is that really the case? If you are among those persons, then you may need to rethink your position, taking into consideration benefits like self-defense and physical wellness. Two great examples are Muay Thai and boxing, which you can learn easily. 

Both methods are convenient for striking and self-defense – skills necessary in the realm of martial arts. Perhaps you have been wondering whether muay Thai and boxing are the same. Or maybe you simply want to learn one of them but are not sure which one is easier. In this guide, we’ll help you to make a decision.

Muay Thai or Boxing – Comparison

Several similarities exist between these two methods, but there are far more differences between them. 

With Muay Thai, you have a greater advantage in terms of range. It also offers excellent separation of your opponent where you are able to front kick to keep them far. However, there’s not as much use for their hands in this fight as there is in boxing. In an authentic match, a Muay punch does not contribute many points.

As a Muay Fighter, though, a “clinch” style proves more advantageous in a street fight, something even years of boxing training won’t give. It’s a style that allows those who have learned it to endure more time on the battlefield and defend themselves better.

Boxing comes in handy where footwork and self-defense are concerned. A boxer would, for instance, have more chances of avoiding blows in a street fight with a Muay expert. However, you only have your hands to fight with. Nevertheless, you can use the best Muay Thai fighting and training equipment for your boxing practice. 

Which Is Easier to Learn?

A boxer’s weapons are limited only to their two hands, while a Muay Thai expert has 8 weapons. It’s, therefore, easier to become a strong boxer since Muay Thai has so many tools to learn and sharpen.

Becoming a competent boxer can take about six months of training. There are only a few basic striking methods (jab, cross, hook, uppercut) to learn. Basics like slipping hits, distance, and movement take the shortest time to master.

The same six-month Muay Thai Training will only get you past the basics and nowhere near competence. Muay Thai involves kickboxing elements, including kicks, elbows, knees, and punches. It takes much more time to perfect this type of striking than learning just one attack move.

Every Muay Thai professional understands how to check their low kicks. Aside from that, there is Muay Thai clinching, which is as vital to learning as any other move but takes much longer to master.


Boxing constitutes about a quarter of Muay Training. And that is why you will find all Muay Thai gyms teaching boxing as an important element of the art. One must understand boxing well to become a Muay Thai athlete.

So, if you want to become a pro fighter faster, go with boxing first. It’s not complex and takes a shorter time to master. However, should you choose Muay Thai, you can learn both styles in one package. Also, the speed and ease of learning depend on your commitment.

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