Gym bag or Duffel bag: Which is better for Muay Thai?

Gym bag or Duffel bag: Which is better for Muay Thai?

If you are going to take any sport or extracurricular activity seriously, you are going to need the right set of gear and training equipment. Training in Muay Thai is no different and requires you to have all that is needed for effective training sessions. 

This includes protective gear, appropriate attire, and even the proper bags to transport your belongings without difficulty. This begs the question, should you use a Duffel bag or a gym bag to carry your Muay Thai equipment and gears? 

What is a Duffel bag?

Duffle bags date back to 17th century Belgium and were designed to carry around bulky items with ease.

The design of Duffel bags has changed over the years. A Duffel bag is normally cylindrical in design, however, the primary entrance used to be at the top of the bag. A drawstring, rather than a zipper, is typically used to seal the bag's opening.

While you can still find this style of Duffel bag today, you are more likely to find Duffel bags with zippers that open and close off at the sides of the bag.

What is a Gym Bag?

Gym bags were created specifically for carrying necessities such as small equipment, gear, and clothing, to and from the gym, fitness centers, or a studio. While this was the original intention for gym bags, they have also evolved and today serve multiple purposes. 

Today you have several options regarding the size, material, shape, and color of gym bags. The materials most widely used in constructing gym bags are nylon, leather, and canvas. Based on your main purpose for purchasing the gym bag, you can select a bag with specific material and size that works best for you.

For example, a swimmer may want to select a gym bag made from more water-resistant material. While on the other hand, if you plan on walking far distances or carrying around heavier equipment, you may want to avoid materials like leather. 

How to select a gym bag for Muay Thai training

If you are looking for a bag to transport your essentials for Muay Thai, it is recommended that you go with a gym bag as opposed to a Duffel bag. But there are some things you need to consider before making your purchase. 

  1. Size - Muay Thai requires a lot of essentials, which you will need to take with you to training, matches, and workouts, so you will need a bag big enough to hold everything comfortably.
  2. Material - Your Muay Thai gym bag should be sturdy enough to withstand the wear and tear of transporting your supplies. Pay keen attention to the material used to make the bag. You’ll want to avoid anything cheaply made or fragile.
  3. Ergonomics - Practicality is also a major factor when considering gym bags for Muay Thai. Your bag will be packed with essentials that can get heavy. Look for bags that will make carrying easy. 

For example, while one-strap shoulder bags are easy to handle, you may want to consider something that spreads the weight evenly throughout the bag, such as a double strap bag or a knapsack. 

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