Here’s How To Become Better At Muay Thai Sparring

Here’s How To Become Better At Muay Thai Sparring

Like any other martial arts, Muay Thai is a fighting style that anyone can learn. It doesn’t matter if you're an athlete from a different sport or have never exercised a day in your life. It's a Thai martial art with roots dating back to ancient times. It's a part of Thai culture and incorporates Buddhist themes, making it appealing to people from all walks of life. You'll be sparring with a diverse group of people.

Many people are scared of sparring when they're just starting out. But it's something you need to do. Muay Thai is a martial art. Therefore, drills are essential for training, and sparring is necessary for hand-to-hand combat, which is the sport's essence. Whether you're learning Muay Thai for fitness or for self-defense, here are some sparring tips you should follow.

Muay Thai Sparring Tip You Should Follow

Get The Right Equipment

Take it from us; you don’t want to spar with the wrong equipment. After all, Muay Thai is a combat sport, so if you don’t have the right gear, you risk hurting yourself and your sparring partner.

16 oz boxing gloves – It’s very important that you get 16 oz boxing gloves. You should never try to replace them with 12 or 14 oz gloves. 

Stand-up shin guards – There are skin guards explicitly made for striking exchanges. Those are the ones you should get. Grappling shin guards won’t protect you properly. 

Headgear – It’s one of the rules of Muay Thai: Always Protect Your Head. You should choose a headgear that has a good amount of padding. It should fit you comfortably without blocking your vision. 

Groin Protection – I don’t think we need to elaborate on why you should invest in high groin protection. 

Mouthguard – If you can’t get a customized mouthguard, you should get a boil and bite one. Nothing else is acceptable. 

It’s Not About Winning.

No one likes losing. 

It’s easy to spar with the idea that you’re fighting to take your opponent down.  That’s not how you should approach your Muay Thai training.  What you should be focusing on is improving. Winning or losing isn’t what’s important. 

What you should do is ask yourself what you learned after each match. Is there any skill you think you should improve? What would you have done differently? You should also try to learn something from your opponent. 

Develop A Diverse Move Set

Everyone has a set of moves that they love doing. You might favor one side of your body, or you might be someone who only throws one type of strike. Muay Thai is called the art of eight limbs for good reasons. You should practice a wide variety of attacks. You don’t need to be a master at everything, but you need to be comfortable enough with the different strikes to be versatile.

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